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The Importance of Schedules

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to keep a schedule in order to stay focused on my day and tasks at hand.Schedule

My schedule for today (please follow up the reading of this with a long tired “sigh”):
Work in the warehouse from 11am – 2:30pm.
Go home, clean-up and change and go to my 4:30 class. Pray we get out before 6:30pm.
Stop by a client’s house and drop off a bunch of DVDs I made for them. Pray they respect that I have to drop and go. They can even mail me the check.
Go back to the warehouse by 7pm and work until 9pm. Pray they didn’t leave 3 extra hours of work for me.

Go home and finish writing up the homework response to one of my classmates that’s due online by 5am and post it. Pray I don’t fall asleep before I get it posted.

Sleep! Pray I wake up some time on Tuesday.

Hmmm…I should probably schedule eating in there at some point….Damn! Now I have to redo the list 🙁


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