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Father’s Day Repost
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Father’s Day Repost

This is a a little tribute I wrote about my dad on Facebook a few years ago.  I also had it posted on this blog before I deleted everything.  I still feel this is an important memory and tribute and have decided to post it again.  –Eric


My Father

Our Father was not a religious man, and he could be moody and difficult at times. He never really taught us how to throw a ball around, and the fishing lessons I think equaled 1 and it involved white bread. However, he loved people and he loved to entertain them in his home. Our Mother was the same way. They made you feel welcome in their house. He never prepared us to coach a ball team, but I know my Brother and I are more than prepared to run the concession stand, and that’s because of Bernie. We try to emulate our parent’s hospitality in many ways.

Our Father wasn’t religious, but he had religious neighbors. Orthodox Jews who he’d stop to say hello to and befriended after our Mother died and my brother and I had moved out. He kept Kosher at home, but not up to the standards of the Orthodox. Still, he managed to have them over to his home for dinners or desserts. And, when he died it was his Orthodox neighbors who found him and worked to protect his religious rights while my Brother and I made arrangements.

One of his neighbors now lives in Israel with their family and they contacted my Brother for our Father’s Hebrew name because they want to set up a small lending Library in their community in Israel in his name. We are truly touched that they would choose to honor him this way, and it speaks volumes of Our Father’s hospitality and kindness.
He would both relish in and shrink from the attention.



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  1. Beautiful story. However it speaks more of what a wonderful man and son that he raised. Lots of love is in that story.