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What to write when you have little time on your hands

OK, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything here.  It’s complex as to why that is and I have to admit that some of the reason is simply my own nature.  Perhaps I’m why it’s complicated.

I frequently think about posting to the blog but as you all can see I haven’t done that.  Partially because the past year or see has been loaded with writing for graduate school and as I have often discussed with classmates, you get tired of writing anything.  Also, I am still bummed out that I had deleted the prior posts from when I started this blog over two years ago.  I also like to include photos and have had little time to take new ones or search through old ones.  Oh, and I work an average of 6 days a week right now.
So those are all of my excuses.

An update:
Things are moving along well.  There are fits and starts -that is the nature of life.  I graduate in May of 2017.  I have a comprehensive exam to take in November and then my licensing exam near graduation.  My practicum officially begins in September and I have a placement site and have begun my initial work already.  In January I begin my internship probably at the same site.

I’ll post more soon.  I promise!



2 Replies to “What to write when you have little time on your hands”

  1. Keep up your posts, even if they are occasional. Your follower(s) does appreciate reading them 😉

  2. I understand about not wanting to write one more darn thing. And working as much as you do, quite understandable. It is always a pleasure to read.