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I am back…

A few months ago I made a terrible mistake and while doing some maintenance of some other online projects I accidentally deleted the database for this blog.  Worse yet, because I do not update the blog often I found out after my hosting company had purged their back ups.  Unfortunately they only keep backups for 30 days and it was 50 days until I noticed.  And, before you ask, no, I did not have a back up of the site.

So I am beginning again.  Not the first time in my life I have begun again and I’m sure not the last time.  It’s OK because the blog had evolved from my intentions when I first started it nearly two years ago.  I have evolved since then.  So this time the blog will truly be continuing and not restarting.

My only regret is that there were probably five or six articles that I wrote that I wish I still had.  I can remember them well enough to reflect upon them at a different time.  I will also keep checking the Way Back Machine of Internet Archive in the hopes that some of them may turn up.

I am feeling a bit more like writing.  More prolific.  I will be sharing soon.



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